If you’re looking to get some live/acoustic drums recorded for your track instead of using them same old drum loops and generic midi drum sounds then this is for you!

I have my very own purpose built/ acoustically treated drum studio fitted with top of the range equipment, all just a few clicks away from you getting your very own live drum track, without the need of hiring out an expensive studio and session drummer for the day!


Grant's drum studio is equipped and running Pro Tools 11
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How it works:


Send me an email direct or fill in the contact form on the contact page so we can discuss what it is you’re after. I prefer it if at this stage we can come to an arrangement on a fee before we start sending files, just because I like to go that extra step and put a lot of time and effort into the recordings. Fee’s are per track but if you re after multiple tracks for either an EP or even full album then we can discuss a fee for the tracks as a whole.


Once you have sent over the tracks and we have agreed a fee I’ll take them into the studio and lay some drums down. I prefer to work with the full session file of the track, just so I get a full idea of what the track is going to sound like with all the parts together as it can make it easier to come up with a drum part that locks in with the feel of the track much better . If this is unavailable then either a rough stereo guide track or individual WAV stems will do, providing they give a feel for the track.

As well as sending over the relevant files, it also comes in handy if you send a few reference tracks on how you want the drums to sound both sonically but also in terms of feel. Something I think that works might not be what you’re looking for and rather than send files back and forth several times having a few reference tracks can make it much easier and quicker for me to come up with something.


As soon as I have some ideas down I will send over a bounce of your track with the drums in so you can have a listen. If for what ever reason there is a section where you might want something changing, (say something like HiHats in the Chorus instead of Ride) then I can take notes on what things need tweaking go back in the studio and re-record the parts.

Once you are happy with what is there I will send over an invoice for the tracks at the agreed fee and then send you the link to download the finished drum tracks. The parts can be sent which ever way suits you either a stereo mix of the drum track, the full session file or individual WAV’s, all with or without any processing.




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